3 Steps to Shortcut Your Way to a More Productive Day

Seeking to be more productive? If you have bruxism, a common complaint is waking up tired, which can lead to low productivity. The good news is today we've got three hacks to help you be more productive!

Most of us wish we could be more productive with our day. Can you relate to the fact that there never seems to be enough hours in the day to get everything that you want to get done... actually get done?

While we know that time is of the essence, there is only so much you can get done in that finite amount of time so here are some tips and shortcuts on how to make each day more productive. By getting tasks done in an efficient matter, you can in turn get more done while hopefully opening up more free time throughout the day to take care of items you might not otherwise be able to.

1 - Good Night’s Sleep

Let’s begin with sleep. Are you getting hours of sleep each night of good sleep? Chances are you won’t be very productive if you are tired all day long.

Studies have shown you are most productive in the first two hours after you get up. So you need to be ready to tackle those two hours by waking up rested. However, a good night’s sleep is hard to come by for some, especially if you wake up with jaw pain and teeth hurting. Or maybe you have headaches when you wake, those could be warning signs you are suffering from bruxism.

If that is the case then the Ora-GUARD® grind guard can help stop all those symptoms. The Ora-GUARD® is a FDA reviewed grind guard made with both hard and soft materials to provide a comfortable fit, unlike any other product available. The Ora-GUARD® can help you get a good night’s sleep so you can start your day off the most productive way possible. Perhaps you don’t suffer from bruxism but still aren’t getting a good night’s sleep then read our previous post 5 Sleep Hacks to Bulletproof Your Sleep.

2 – Set Mini Goals

Mini goals are a great way to stay productive throughout the day and alleviate stress. Time management is critical to stay productive. If you feel like time is slipping away from you then your work can become overwhelming and puts a wrench in your production. By setting mini goals to accomplish you can help yourself stay on track and also give yourself a self confidence boost by accomplishing those goals. It is also important to note that you should focus on one mini goal at a time.

Multitasking while is sounds effective can actually become counterproductive because it reduces the quality of your work, causes more stress, and can even reduce your IQ. Stop trying to do everything at once and focus on essential tasks one at a time. Another important aspect that shouldn’t be overlooked is breaks. Everybody loves a good break. Schedule time to take a break, it sounds silly but is crucial. Working is strenuous, even sitting at your desk and by doing it for long stretches of time will make your work suffer. So get up, take a short walk or stretch, anything to get you away from your screen and take your mind off work for a few minutes.

3 – Prep for Tomorrow

Finally after you have slept well and accomplished all your mini goals for the day, time to tackle the next day. You don’t want to get to your desk and have to waste thirty minutes trying to figure out where to start. Take fifteen minutes at the end of your day to prepare for the next one, create a to-do list and follow-up’s to projects. By doing so, you will be ready to go right into the next day and continue to be productive. This is especially important if you will be out of the office for a day or two or over the weekend. Doing all these things should also help clear your mind before bed and aid in starting the cycle all over again.

While it may be hard to break your normal habits at work, small changes can help alleviate stress and make you more productive for the better. By making these small changes and becoming more productive throughout your day whether it be; at work or at home, you can reduce your stress levels and your overall well-being. Take these tips and work them into your routine and little by little they can become very helpful to your life.

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