5 Key Misconceptions about Dental Guards

Not all dental grind guards or night guards are equal, and it is true, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all product. With that said, it's important to address some misconceptions about grind guards. Today we'll address five of them.

The problem being that all grind guards get lumped into the same conversation. Enter the Ora-GUARD™ dental grind guard. This grind guard will make you think twice about what you think you know about traditional grind guards.


The first misconception about grind guards is that they are bulky. That you can’t close your mouth naturally and that they impede your breathing. While that may be true for some products it is not true with the Ora-GUARD™. The Ora-GUARD™ is a low-profile and discrete lower jaw appliance. You can talk and breathe normally like you weren’t even wearing it. The best and most important part is that you won’t lose sleep wearing it.


Grind guards serve a purpose. But again, not all grind guards are created equally. That being said, not all grind guards are ineffective. If you suffer from bruxism then a grind guard is a necessity. The Ora-GUARD™ is scientifically proven to be effective. Take a look at the images below:

Mouth With Ora-Guard Dental GuardMouth With Ora-Guard Dental Guard

The image on the Left (in red) is a mouth without the Ora-GUARD™ -- you can see all the negative effects of clenching and teeth grinding are at full force, making for a pain filled night and a miserable morning.

The image on the right (in green) is with Ora-GUARD™, the patented “Bite Plate Wedge Design” slides the lower jaw down and forward. This relaxes the jaw muscles, relieving head and neck pain, sleep disruption and tooth damage. It also opens the airway, making it easier to breathe and reducing the complications of snoring.

Doesn’t Fit Right

Most grind guards are made from a single material whether it is soft or hard. Soft materials fit better and are more comfortable but they don’t do much to stop teeth grinding. In fact, because a soft material won’t let your teeth move naturally is actually causes them to become sore and hurt more. Hard materials are great for prevent teeth grinding however they are not comfortable and can become jagged and even cut the inside of your mouth. Wouldn’t it be great if there was product that combined both hard and soft materials to utilize the best aspects of each material? Well look no further because that just described the Ora-GUARD™ in one sentence. The Ora-GUARD™ uses both hard and soft materials to create a comfortable and protective grind guard. The soft medical grade fit material used by the Ora-GUARD™ molds tightly around your molars for a secure fit that will not come loose while sleeping. The hard surface bite plates allow for your teeth to move naturally while you sleep, but all the while protecting the teeth from grinding against each other.

Can’t breathe

This was touched on a little bit earlier but it bears repeating. Most grind guards actually impede breathing normally and that is the exact opposite of what you want and need to happen in order to be able to sleep through the night. That is because most grind guards don’t take jaw alignment into consideration which is key to airflow. Look at the image below to see how the Ora-GUARD™ and the incorporated wedge technology helps with jaw alignment and air flow.

As you can see with the image on the left, when the jaw is clenched so is the airway. Looking at the image on the right, when wearing the Ora-GUARD™ grind guard the wedges keep the teeth apart, slide the jaw down and forward and open the airway by 2 millimeters!

Too expensive

There seems to horror stories surrounding the cost of grind guards. To be clear there are two different types; custom and over the counter/retail. A custom guard is made by your dentist after taking impressions in the office; this service can run you anywhere for $300-$600 maybe even more. There is no substitute for custom due to the fact the appliance will fit exactly because it is obviously molded from your dental impressions. That being said, customers do think that is pricey and they might be right but you pay for convenience and taking the guess work out of buying a grind guard off the shelf.

Over the counter grind guards run the gamut in price and as the saying goes you get what you pay for. Sure there are guards that you can get for a few dollars and there are some that can cost upwards of a hundred dollars but you don’t really know what you are buying.

That is where the Ora-GUARD™ comes in! The Ora-GUARD™ allows for a custom like fit right in the comfort of your own home. For the reasonable price of $39.99 you can get your Ora-GUARD™ shipped to your front door – FREE of charge! What’s more along with the Ora-GUARD™ you will receive a FREE storage case. All of this comes with a six month satisfaction guarantee, that is how confident we are that the Ora-GUARD™ will be the last grind guard brand you buy!