5 Reasons Why You Should Not Use Bulky, Outdated Dental Guards

If you happen to suffer from bruxism chances are you’ve tried just about all the dental guards available on the market.

You have also likely noticed that they seem to be very similar and have the same characteristics. If they are all the same then why is one better than the other? That’s a very good question, however let’s take a deeper look into these characteristics and see if there is a better option.


Ever try to sleep with a bulky dental guard? It is not fun. The bulkiness of the dental guard doesn’t allow for you to naturally close your mouth. The dental guard is supposed to aid you in sleeping better, but now it’s not the grinding keeping you awake it’s the guard! Frustrating indeed, and a major factor in why people don't wear them!

You want a product that is sleek and not intrusive, something that will feel second nature as you doze off.  Good news there is a product like that and it’s called the Ora-GUARD® dental grind guard. It is a lower jaw appliance that fits snugly over your bottom molars, allowing for a comfortable, natural closing of the mouth and easy breathing.


You’ve probably heard stories of the hard plastic dental guards cutting the inside of someone’s mouth – ouch - or a soft plastic guard that never stays in place and causes a buildup of saliva - gross. Moreover those dental guards are just plain uncomfortable. They become more trouble to wear than they are worth. But that doesn’t stop your teeth from grinding. It becomes a catch twenty-two you either suffer wearing the dental guard or suffer without wearing the dental guard! Once again, in comes the Ora-GUARD®, as mentioned above fit snugly on your teeth, it’s so comfortable it’s like you don’t even know you are wearing it.

3-Hard or Soft Materials

This was touched on earlier but most dental guards are made out of either a hard plastic material or a softer plastic material. Both of them have their advantages and disadvantages. Hard surface materials are more rigid and allow for natural movement of the teeth while protecting them from grinding against each other, but they are usually bulky and uncomfortable – sound familiar? Soft surface materials are more comfortable but don’t allow for your teeth to move naturally and in turn will leave you waking up with a sore jaw like you have been chewing on gum all night long, not exactly your desired result.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a product that combined both materials into one dental guard? Oh wait, there is a product like that - the Ora-GUARD® does that. Ora-GUARD® uses medical grade soft fit materials that encase the hard surface bite plates that will fit securely in your mouth around your bottom teeth while allowing for your teeth to move naturally while sleeping but protect them at the same time.

4-Can’t Breathe

We can all agree that breathing is important, that goes without saying really! So why would you use a product that made it difficult to breathe? These bulky dental guards can really inhibit normal breathing and so can teeth grinding in general. So by pairing teeth grinding, which has been linked to sleep apnea because of the blocking of the airway, and a bulky dental guard is a recipe for a lot of restless nights.

If you really want a good night’s rest then look no further than the Ora-GUARD® dental grind guard. It is more than meets the eye in this scenario. The Ora-GUARD®’s Bite Plate Wedge Design is a game changer – or in this case a sleep changer – because the wedges properly align the jaw by sliding it down and forward, opening the airway for uninterrupted oxygen flow. Check out our video here.


As you can probably tell from the gist of this post the other options for dental guards are just outdated. By the materials they use and the construction of those guards, the technology has been virtually unchanged for the past fifteen years. The Ora-GUARD® dental grind guard is the future, a beacon of light in the otherwise dim world of dental grinds guards. No other product out there has all the attributes of the Ora-GUARD®. If you truly want a good experience with your dental guard then the Ora-GUARD® is the answer you’ve been looking for.

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