5 Sleep Hacks to Bulletproof Your Sleep Plus a Bonus

In search of a good night’s sleep? We've got 5 sleep hacks to bulletproof your sleep PLUS a bonus! Read on.

No one likes waking up in the morning and feeling exhausted. How could sleeping for six to eight hours be exhausting? Sleep is supposed to be refreshing. Stress can rob you from getting a good night’s sleep. You want to wake up relaxed and ready to start your day, stress free, not miserable and lethargic. What can you do about it? Glad you asked.

Here we are going to outline some hacks to try and help you sleep better. These small tips could be useful in allowing you to wake up on the right side of the bed each and every morning. Try one, or two, or all them; whatever it takes to get you ready to take on the day.


This may be the simplest hack that you can do. It makes sense though; all that exercise will tire you out! Two and a half hours of moderate exercise PER WEEK is all you need. Not a huge commitment but think about the difference it can make. You will not only improve your sleep, but your overall health as well. However, the timing of your workout does matter. You don’t want to work out too late then you will be too amped up to fall asleep. So an early morning or afternoon workout is the best time to help you sleep better. Plus, if you work out late, then shower before bed you will also have trouble falling asleep. Showering before bed will raise your body temperature

Avoid Bright Screens Before Bed

Put down the phone! It can wait until the morning. If you think that scrolling through your phone will tire you out and help you fall asleep faster. Quite the contrary, it is actually doing the exact opposite. The blue light from your screen, whether phone, tablet or laptop, suppresses melatonin production which in turn will keep you awake. If it is a necessity, then dim the screen or use an app that can remove the blue light from the screen.

Eat a small, carb-filled supper before bed

Now this sounds backwards but also sounds awesome, right? However, there is a small caveat and that caveat is the amount you can eat. Studies have shown that a small portion of food, around 200 calories or less, that are rich in carbohydrates increase the chances of a peaceful night’s sleep. Some bread, cereal or crackers can do the trick. Just when you thought late night eating was bad, think again! However, be smart about your choices and don’t gobble down an entire pizza before bed time.

Use common scents (heh...)

A sweet smelling bedroom can help your drift off into sleep a little bit easier. The catch is that there is a particular scent that works best and that is lavender. While it may sound strange, there have actually been multiple studies done and there actually is research to support this. Start stocking up on lavender scented candles or aerosol sprays and then you will be sleeping like a baby in no time.

Neutral Sounds

You might be sleeping, but your brain is always awake and your ears are always listening. That is why it can be helpful to have soothing noise playing in the bedroom to help keep your senses at peace. This doesn’t mean keep the TV on with your favorite show on in the background, that won’t help at all. Having white noise or nature sounds playing can drown out annoying or disruptive noises and get you through the night. All you need are some rain fall or calming wind playing and it will be lights out.

Bonus Hack: Ora-GUARD™

What if your sleep problems stem from a different reason?

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