Why is the Ora-Guard™ the Best Dental Guard to Protect your Teeth and Dental Implants?

You recently spent a lot of money on dental implants, and suddenly you find that you are grinding your teeth at night, or maybe you want implants, but because you have Bruxism, your dentist said you’re not a good candidate.

What are your options? How can you protect your teeth, and those new dental implants from getting damaged? Is it even possible?

We have some great news for you, and an affordable answer to those questions…

You see, many people think that a mouthguard or dental guard will protect their teeth enough, but when you’ve spent thousands or potentially tens of thousands of dollars on your teeth, do you really want to depend on the hope it will be enough?

We didn’t think so, and we wouldn’t either.

But there is one dental guard that has separated itself from the pack, and there is no other dental grind guard like it on the market today.

Bold claims? You betcha! And we even back them up…

You see, nearly every other top dental grind guard available today (yes, even custom guards), use a Soft Surface EVA.

Ora-GUARDis the only dental guard on the market that uses both a hard/soft surface Medical Grade EVA. It’s soft where it touches your mouth and gums, and hard on the surface where your teeth meet -- in fact, it can stand up to the even the hardest teeth grinders!


It also has the added benefit of multiple patents on technology and design, as well as withstanding a rigorous FDA review process, and the Ora-GUARD™ dental guard came through with flying colors!

Ora-GUARD™’s patented wedge design is specially constructed to release tension on the TMJ muscle while preventing tooth damage. NO other product on the market does this!

Ora-GUARD™ is also trusted by dentists to improve occlusal misalignment, relieving symptoms of teeth grinding, headaches, TMJ pain, and neck and shoulder pain.

Pretty impressive, right? We think so, too.

So Who Can Benefit From Wearing an Ora-GUARD Dental Guard?

Ora-GUARD™ isn’t just for people suffering from bruxism, teeth grinding, and the symptoms that accompany that, it can help anyone stop the wear and tear on your teeth that is often caused even by light or occasional teeth grinding. 

In fact, anyone who has had dental work done that wants to protect it can benefit from

Ora-GUARD™. Maybe you have crowns, implants, implant-supported dentures, veneers, fillings, sealants, or bridges – or maybe you want to ensure you won’t need any of those – Ora-GUARD™ is the answer.

Can a dental guard undo damage that has already been done?

We wish! The Ora-GUARD™ guard can’t undo damage that has already been done, but it absolutely can prevent further damage. Prevention is key!

I have Dental Implants, and I don’t want to ruin them with teeth grinding? What are my options?

Get an Ora-GUARD™ dental grind guard, asap. You don’t want to throw your money down the drain, or worse yet, incur more expenses. Our dental guard can protect your dental implants from damage due to teeth grinding.

Can I Wear a Dental Guard Only at Night? What if I Grind My Teeth When Under Stress or During the Day?

The Ora-GUARD™ dental guard has a strap that is light and comfortable, yes even comfortable enough for daytime use, and it doesn’t have the clunkiness or bulk that other dental guards do. So yes, absolutely you can wear your OG dental guard during the day, if you wish!

But My Dentist is Worried About Teeth Grinding (Bruxism) and Dental Implants, So What Should I Do?

Talk to your dentist about the Ora-GUARD™ dental grind guard. Our website has videos that go into further depth on our technology, FDA review, and patents. You should absolutely consult with your dentist, and we welcome the opportunity to educate them about Ora-GUARD™ as a new and proven solution for the symptoms and damage that occur from bruxism and teeth grinding. Bring it on!

The only thing that an Ora-GUARD™ grind guard can do – is protect your teeth and help alleviate any symptoms you may be experiencing as a result of nighttime teeth grinding. If teeth protection and relief are what you seek – then you have come to the right place.

Why Choose Ora-GUARD™?

Well, for all the reasons above, yet we have even more reasons for you!

  1. Our product is incredibly affordable. (Compare it to lesser dental guards that cost up to 3 or 4 times more, more outdated options on the market. Crazy, we know!)
  2. Our product went through a rigorous FDA review process and passed with flying colors!
  3. Our product has multiple patents (no one else has them!).
  4. The foundational technology in our product is used in a mouthguard that professional athletes in the NFL, NHL, and MLB wear, and Olympic athletes in multiple sports, too. Really? Yes!
  5. Our dental guard addresses more symptoms of bruxism than any other grind guard on the market today.
  6. Our product has a SIX MONTH warranty! (We’re that confident.)
  7. Our dental guard is MADE IN THE USA!
  8. Innovative proprietary designs and technologies
  9. Latex free
  10. Our low-profile design stays comfortably in your mouth

At the end of the day, when you’re deciding what grind guard to choose, and you find out that the Ora-GUARD™ dental guard is only $39.99, a fraction of the price of other top dental guards, and you consider all of the above reasons why O-G leaves every other grind guard available today in the dust, we think you’ll come to this conclusion –

Ora-GUARD™ is the best dental grind guard, whatever your reasons for seeking a dental guard!

Visit the Ora-GUARD™ Shop to check out our Multi-Pack options for huge savings! Oh, and did we mention that every Ora-GUARD™ dental guard comes with a free case and free shipping? : )

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