Why You Should Be Protecting Your Teeth with a Dental Grind Guard

Did you know that if you grind or clench your teeth (known in medical terms as bruxism) you could not only be doing serious damage to your teeth but it also makes you susceptible to other painful secondary symptoms which may include sleep disruption, headaches, neck pain, facial pain, and  vertigo -- to name a few. While there is no medication currently available to treat bruxism, wearing a dental grind guard, a device that prevents the upper and lower teeth from coming into contact with each other, is recommended by dental experts to protect your teeth and minimize bruxism’s far reaching primary and secondary symptoms. Below, we will take a look at some of the obvious and not so obvious reasons you should be wearing a dental grind guard if you think you may be grinding your teeth.

Prevent Permanent Tooth Damage.

Your teeth are very important to protect because as you know, you only get one permanent set. Thus, any damage that is done to your teeth cannot be reversed.  The habitual rubbing of tooth surfaces over time can lead not only to tooth sensitivity, but also fissures and cracks, which can compromise overall tooth health and lead to severely damaged teeth.  Chronic clenching and its excessive force can also lead to other more serious conditions, like worn tooth enamel exposing the dentin, lost contours where teeth have a flattened appearance, loose teeth, or worse yet, tooth loss.  Depending on the severity of the damage, it may require tooth restoration, or even, tooth removal. This is perhaps the most obvious yet, most important benefit of wearing a dental grind guard, to help minimize the damage that is done to your teeth due to bruxism, and to prevent future damage.

Reduce Tension.

Because the jaw is capable of exerting more than 250 pounds of force when clenching, it is possible this extreme force can lead to temporomandibular joint pain (TMJ) that, in turn, cause you to wake up feeling as though your whole jaw is tense and tired. The temporomandibular joints are flexible joints found on each side your head in front of your ear, and they are responsible for all your jaw movements including eating and talking.   They are the most active joints in the body and as you can imagine, endure a lot of wear and tear. Excessive clenching puts pressure on the joints and as a result can cause discomfort and pain in the jaw, neck and face.  By wearing a dental grind guard, you should be able to effectively reduce the tension that you feel in your mouth.

Improve Sleep.

Another reason to consider investing in a dental grind guard is the ability to help improve the overall quality of your sleep. Because you are going to be able to minimize the discomfort that occurs while you sleep and reduce the likelihood of waking up, you should be able to improve the overall quality of the sleep you end up getting. Being able to improve sleep is a significant reason to invest in a dental grind guard because it can help your overall quality of life. Being able to get uninterrupted sleep is a great way to enhance your health and to feel better each and every day. 

Save Money.

Believe it or not, investing in a dental grind guard now can potentially save you a lot of money in dental and healthcare down the road. By protecting your teeth now from the negative consequences of grinding and clenching, you should be able to deter many of the painful and (costly) issues like dental repair work that can occur over time if your bruxism is ignored.

Reduce Headaches.

It’s no surprise that if you are someone who grinds your teeth at night, you are likely going to notice an increase in headache frequency. Headaches are simply one of the symptoms and discomforts that comes with bruxism.  Wearing a dental grind guard offers noticeable relief from the severity of the headache pain by providing a barrier between the upper and lower teeth and absorbing much of the exerted pressure generated by the force of the clenching action.

Dental grind guards are an effective treatment for bruxism.

As you can see, wearing a dental grind guard is an effective way to help reduce the damage and discomfort that’s caused by grinding your teeth.  However, not all dental grind guards are necessarily created equal.   

Ora-GUARD®, a different type of dental grind guard.

Ora-GUARD® is a different type of dental grind guard.  What sets it apart is its patented design—it starts by combining a soft, medical grade fit material for absorbing jaw clenching tension plus a hard surface bite plate wedge design.  This bite plate wedge design allows your teeth and jaws to slide naturally forward, protecting your teeth from the damaging effects of grinding and clenching, while at the same time releases tension on the TMJ muscle.

Developed by Bite Tech, a leading innovator in oral health products.

The Ora GUARD® dental grind guard was developed by Bite Tech, an innovation-driven oral health products company that manufactures and sells oral products to the dental channel and athletic mouthguards to sporting goods and mass retailers. 

Bite Tech Inc. holds more than 45 patents and pending patents for its innovative, proprietary designs and technologies. Bruxism sufferers look to Bite Tech dental grind guards Ora-GUARD® for relief from teeth grinding and jaw pain while athletes in virtually all sports rely on athletic mouthguards manufactured by Bite Tech for protection and performance improvement on and off the field.