The Ora-GUARD® Dental Grind Guard

An Effective Solution for Patients that grind their teeth

Ora-GUARD® is a unique, over-the-counter Dental Grind Guard worn on the lower teeth.

With its unique, patented bite plate design that shifts the condyle out of the fossa, it reduces the effects of teeth grinding and jaw clenching.

  • Ora-GUARD® is indicated for protection from nighttime teeth grinding, and jaw clenching.
  • Ora-GUARD® is intended to reduce damage to teeth and prevent the noise associated with teeth grinding.
  • It is intended to be worn while sleeping (e.g.,at night or while napping).
  • Ora-GUARD® comfortably fits palate sizes ranging from 2 "to 5 " wide.

Current products are "soft surface barriers"


Ora-GUARD® is a "hard & soft surface Wedge design"

I decided to develop the Ora-GUARD® Dental Guard because I wanted patients who couldn't afford a custom bite guard to have an effective option to protect their teeth from grinding and clenching.  I also wanted a bite guard protected by science, and I'm proud to say the Ora-GUARD® is FDA reviewed and cleared. The Ora-GUARD® is easy to fit and the #1 bite guard that fulfills the three most important categories that are important to me as a dentist.

William L. Balanoff,DDS, MS, FICO


Here’s an MRI view comparing the difference with, and without, Ora-GUARD®

The patented bite wedge shifts the condyle (the rounded end of the lower jaw) forward.

If you compare the images below, the difference is clear- in the image on the right (with the Ora-GUARD® in place) the lower jaw is shifted slightly forward, and the airway is an extra 2mm larger.


The image below shows two more views of the airway from the MRI. The images at the top are "with" the Ora-GUARD® in place, and the bottom images are "without" Ora-GUARD®.


Extra Millimeters Make A Huge Difference, and that's why our customers find the relief they are looking for while simultaneously protecting their teeth.

Ora-GUARD® works better: it is trusted by dentists to improve occlusal misalignment, relieving symptoms of teeth grinding, headaches, TMJ pain, and neck and shoulder pain.

One out of 6 Americans suffer from Bruxism, and the recommended treatment is the use of a Dental Grind Guard.  Selling Ora-GUARD® to your patients is an easy and effective way to increase your practice revenue.  To learn more about the Ora-GUARD® Professional Dental Program, email,