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Best dental guard yet, and I’ve tried a bunch

The only guard that fits on lower teeth which means you can wear it during the day too (for us who grind their teeth all day).


Ora-GUARD® Dental Guard

Smiling again

I am pain free. Thank you so much.

this is the best I've tried

I think I've tried ever mouth guard on the market and this one works the best. I even had a $500 one from a dentist and it warped out of shape in 6 months. These last about 6 weeks for me. They are a little expensive, but I have a mouth full of crowns I don't want to destroy.

Great product

Great product. All my TMJ systoms disappear.

Finally I found the right mouth guard ...

I am relieved that I finally found a mouthpiece that actually works, I've tried many different types/brands and always had some issues with it. Of course I started getting the cheapest ones they had, so I guess I can expect what I pay for..... But then I purchased the most expensive one they sold at the drug store.... it was awful, after I molded it I couldn't get it off my teeth. I panicked of course, after 10mins I finally got it off. So I made a appointment to the dentist and they wanted 2grand for something similar to the one I couldn't get off. I woke up a few weeks ago in severe pain, I knew what it was,, everyday it began to get worse. I thought again let me check what's on the Internet, I stumbled upon Ora Guard, and knew before buying it ,,This would work. And I was right. I've been wearing it faithfully everynight. It molds perfectly to my teeth/molars were are teeth match up when we grind,, and the smart part is the top is smooth, so your not grinding grooved hard plastic against your other teeth. Finally one that makes sense. I'm very Thankful :)

The best mouthguard ever.

I tried different mouth guards but less than 1 week those expensive but super bads things get broken or lossened and Ora-Guard really have the great price and quality


It is comfortable and easy to keep in my mouth.


Saved My Life!!! ♥️

It doesn’t move

The ORA- Guard is comfortable and it doesn’t move in my sleep. Not moving is a big plus for me, because I am not waking up and chewing on the ORA- Guard like other mouth guards.
It is working very well and so far I love it.


Special Multi-Pack Value Set of 2 ($20 Savings!)


Maybe too early to tell. There's been some improvement in jaw pain but the symptoms reappear before the end of the day. We are going to give it more time to see more improvements. Thank you.

Wonderful product!

Wow!! I am so happy that I decided to go with Ora-Guard! The quality is amazing and the price is right! It ships fast as well! I wear it over my Essex retainer and it works wonderfully! First time in a LONG time that I’ve woken up without a headache. I’m so happy I didn’t have to spend $200+ to get the same quality. Thanks Ora-Guard!

Great Dental Guard product! Super comfortable!

Very easy to mold and fits so well in the mouth at night you hardly notice it's there. Doesn't make you feel like you need to get rid of it, I was impressed at how naturally it felt and definitely made a difference in sleep quality and energy the next day. My wife has mild sleep apnea, and I am severe using CPAP machine, and this mouth guard helped us both. Very happy thank you :)


Guard fits good and easy to mold.


Good product comfortable fit good price

5 star

Special Multi-Pack Value Set of 2 ($20 Savings!)

great product for a great price

My dentist said I've been grinding my teeth for the last year and it was this option or an expensive custom one. The Ora-Guard dental grind guard is super comfortable. One thing that's different is that it only covers the back teeth, which is where the grinding takes place for me. Highly recommend it.

Good ..... at first

The first two nights, my new guard was nice and snug. After that, however, it didn't fit snugly on my teeth. On the fourth night, it had loosened so much that it fell out of my mouth (during my sleep) and ended up under my covers! A search and rescue ensued!! It's pretty much useless now. I'd like a refund...

Thank you for taking time to leave us a review. We do apologize that your experience was less than expected.

We are going to issue you a refund for your purchase and send you an additional Ora-GUARD® to try again, in hopes that it will perform as it should and you can get the relief you are looking for.

2 weeks ago

Ordered Ora-guard as a replacement for the expensive guard my dentist sold me. So far it couldn't be better. Small, easy to mold,, was a great choice. Highly recommend it.


I have tried many different over the counter night guards and this one wins by far! I have a small mouth and it took awhile for me to get used to it, but once I did I noticed a big difference in the morning.

Great product

It is so much smaller than wearing a mouth guard. I would get bothered by the mouth guard because it was so bulky. I'm not sure how long it will last, but when it gets close to wearing out I'll definitely order more again.

Great product

It is a great product. I have used other mouth guards and this is a much smaller and more comfortable product. Works great! Definitely recommend.

LOVE this grind guard

I've been grinding my teeth off and on for many years and have tried so many different mouth guards, from store bought to custom dental fitted ones. The Ora-Guard dental grind guard is by far the most comfortable one I've ever worn. One thing that's different is that it only covers the back teeth, which is where the grinding takes place, so you don't feel like you have a mouth full. I can even wear it comfortably during the day if I need to.

I'm so happy that I've found Ora-Guard, the grind guard has made a big difference in the amount of tension I feel in my face and jaw when I wake up in the morning. Even with most mouth guards I can feel some soreness the next day. It's by far the best grind guard I have ever worn. I feel so much better since I've started wearing it and I'll never buy another brand again.

VERY comfortable.

I really like the Dental Grind Guard. It is very comfortable and has really helped. I have had issues with grinding and other problems with my mouth at night since some surgeries a while back. I have tried other mouth guard in the past and had given up until this one. Most of them fit all the way around my teeth and irritated my front gums. The Dental Grind Guard is different. It fits around the molar/back area with a thin connector in the front. It does not irritate my gums at all, but it does fit snug enough to keep me from grinding. So far I am really liking the Dental Grind Guard and can't wait for my next dental appointment to see how it has improved.