Special Multi-Pack Value Set of 3 ($30 Savings!)

$89.97 $119.97
  • Special Multi-Pack Value Set of 3  ($30 Savings!)


Special Multi-Pack Value Set of 3 ($30 Savings!)

$89.97 $119.97

SHIPS FREE TO USA ONLY - Includes a FREE CASE - Multi-Pack Set of 3 Savings!

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Why is Ora-GUARD® the BEST Dental Grind Guard on the market today? 

  • Superior Comfort & Protection
  • Easy, Secure, Comfort-Fit
  • Prevents tooth damage
  • Relieves head & neck pain caused by teeth grinding

** Trusted by dentists to improve occlusal misalignment, relieving symptoms of teeth grinding, headaches, TMJ pain, and neck and shoulder pain. NO other dental guard on the market does this!

Buy 3 Ora-GUARD® Dental Grind Guards and SAVE $30 ($10 each) a Value Set for Max Savings 

    Quick Overview:  Ora-GUARD® combines a soft, medical grade fit material to cushion your jaws during clenching, while the patented hard surface design protects your teeth from the damaging effects of bruxism. The patented “Bite Plate Wedge Design” relaxes the jaw muscles, relieving head and neck pain, sleep disruption and tooth damage. Find the relief you have been looking for.
    * Free case and shipping are included in this price!

    • Reduces TMJ Symptoms
    • Customizable in two easy steps
    • Protects better than other brands
    • FDA-Reviewed and Cleared
    • Patented Technology

    Whether you’re a light or heavy grinder Ora-GUARD® is unlike any dental grind guard you have ever tried. Ora-GUARD® Protects Teeth.

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